Are you and your team ready for the tech revolution?

Insightful Innovation Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader in Tech and Business

A former CEO turned startup investor, James wants his audiences to be informed on the new reality of the tech revolution as well as future innovative changes. His message is one of optimism and hope, but with urgency for business leaders to prepare and act now.

You and your team can grow and thrive in this new tech age. James can get you started in the right direction or help you advance along your already strong path towards making the most of tech opportunities.

Some of James’ topics of expertise include:

  • The impact of the tech revolution on business
  • The impact of the tech revolution on society
  • How business leaders can and must understand and plan for changes with the tech revolution
  • How the tech revolution is impacting the retail/grocery retail business


Watch: Revionics Insight 2018, Retooling Retail For The Tech Age: Analytics & AI in Action

James did a superb job of engaging and inspiring our audience with his keynote address. He was a delight to work with throughout the process, proving himself to be knowledgeable, collaborative, responsive and creative in all phases, from initial brainstorming through drafts, run-throughs, rehearsal and the presentation itself. Attendees rated his session very highly on both content and delivery.
Cheryl Sullivan
Revionics Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

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