Startups & The Tech Revolution: The Essential Guide
“The industrial revolution of the twentieth century is giving way to the technological age of the twenty-first.”
Startups and the Tech Revolution - Book Cover

A decade from now, many jobs as we know them may no longer exist. We are moving quickly from the industrial age to the technological age, and much of the disruptive change is being driven by young startup companies and the technology they are developing.

Do you understand these changes and advancements? Are you ready to make the most out of them?

To succeed in the new startup economy, business leaders and individuals will need to understand the breadth of this change and arm themselves with the right skills in order to thrive during this time where technology is developing at exponential rates. Being able to see, understand, and embrace the changing economy provides opportunities to adapt your skills, and get yourself and your business prepared for the future

In his debut book, James McCann, veteran business leader and startup investor shares his expertise and knowledge with those outside of the startup world. His book, Startups & The Tech Revolution: The Essential Guide, is the first step towards understanding the tech revolution, providing a simple yet comprehensive overview of how the system works and how it may impact individuals, society, and companies.

Drawing from his 25 years of experience providing leadership to large companies and startups alike, James shares an overarching message of hope and optimism for the future of tech and its role in business. With concrete examples of what companies can do now to take action during the tech revolution, his book is valuable for both established businesses and startups. However, he does warn of potential risks if business leaders fail to act soon.

James guides readers through every element of the startup ecosystem while providing timely examples of how the tech revolution is changing our world, in hopes that they will be better prepared to adapt and thrive in the technological age.

Learn more, join the debate, and make the most of the tech revolution.

“An outstanding look into the world of start-ups, answering the question of how to take advantage of this technology revolution.”
- Nick Bertram, President, Giant Foods
“Fascinating insights on how technology is impacting every aspect of business and the way we do things & live our lives.…A must read guidebook for startup founders and entrepreneurs.”
- Rajat Bhakri, Founder and CEO, Incentivio
“An easy-to-read guide to the ecosystem of startups from idea to operating entity.”
- Jeff Bogatin, Chairman, Spark Analytics
“This fast-paced book is a must-read guide to the world of startups. More than just an excellent introduction for startup novices, it’s also useful for those already on or returning to the startup path.”
- Kevin Condon, Founder and CEO, PayByCar
“A terrific introduction to the world of technology startup for those that want to be involved as entrepreneurs or investors or are just interested in understanding their potential for our society.”
- Dominic Janssens, Chief Operating Officer at a global investment management company
“As a startup founder, I wish I had been able to read this book when I was getting started.”
- Jan Leife, Founder and CEO, Just Add Cooking
“A great book that captures key insights of the entrepreneurial journey, the world of startup financing, and the impact of macro trends.”
- Varun Phathak, Founder and CEO, GetNoble Inc.

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