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Tech Revolution Expert | Speaker | Author | Philanthropist

From major food retail businesses to startup investing, James McCann is one of very few whose business experience ranges from the C-suite of massive companies to the early stages of new ventures. As a CEO who led hundreds of thousands of employees, James understands the challenges CEOs face and knows how things get done in the corporate environment. On the other side of the coin, as an early stage investor, James has a firm understanding of the relationship between the tech revolution and the startups driving it.

With his unique background in business leadership and tech, James is poised to help businesses and individuals understand game-changing technological advancements. As an authority on the impact of the tech revolution on society, businesses, and jobs, James encourages, educates, and inspires individuals and companies to take action so they can thrive in this exciting technological age.

In his spare time, James loves flying and is a volunteer pilot for PALS, helping patients get to and from their medical treatment centers. He is also a trustee at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. He and his wife Tania live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.